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New Times Article on The New Play Festival


The New Play Festival

The New Play Festival was held June 4 2016 at the Clark Center Studio on the Arroyo Grande High School campus. This was the sixteenth year that STOLEN FIRE has supported the New Play Festival by giving cash awards ($220, $120, $60) and engraving the students' names on a perpetual plaque. This year the judges were J.C. Samuels (Playwright), Wendy-Marie Martin (Playwright), Rosh Wright (Actor) and Dwain Edwards (STOLEN FIRE). And the winners were:

1st Place: Ashur Gharavi - Emmeline/Marcus

2rd Place: Ashur Gharavi - Only Good Boys Go to Heaven

3rd Place: Jonathan Valerio - Everything will be alright

And thank you to the other playwrights:

Kristen Alliani - Strong and Too Much TV

Jonathan Valerio and Cody Schmidt - All Anonymous

Robert Kiner - Send Me Off Sam

Juan Ramirez - Love

Eleven years ago, June 5, my Dad passed away. As written elsewhere, my Dad was in his own way, instrumental in forming my fascination with and love of theater. Tonight's (June 4, 2016) awards are presented in his memory. Thank you, Dad.

Louis Edward Zsadanyi (1921-2005)

Although Stolen Fire is a supporter of the New Play Festival, it should be pointed out that there are those who support Stolen Fire's efforts. Included in those efforts are: Leigh Zsadanyi, Dwain's sister, who donated $250 for 2003 AND $300 for 2007, Vicki Ann Brennecke, who donated $50 in the memory of Louis Zsadanyi and Sharon Woodside-Hanish who AGAIN donated $500; and Barbie, whom Dwain used to restore (the money made from the restoration was put aside for the New Play Festival).

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