I know little of my grandparents, and have recollection of only one - my maternal grandfather. A single memory: me playing with a toy and him sitting in a chair next to me. And that’s it. Although I don’t remember when he died, I do remember he went to a rest home or nursing home, and my mother telling me that grandpa was now living there.


I have no connection with the past, before my existence; my personal past, heritage.


I think this condition is not unique. I was never a Hungarian-American, or a German-American. I was, and am, an American. My history starts with my parents born in America.


No past, except for my parents - and even then, not much knowledge of the lives that they lead before me.


Perhaps, they told me about their lives and I wasn’t listening. Having a tendency for self-absorption, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.


Is self-absorption a male trait?


No, I don’t think so. It is a trait of immaturity, of the psychologically immature, of children, of alcoholics, of many of us, perhaps most of us.


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