Dominance and submission - Philosophy


When I was about 12 years old, a young girl crawled over my lap. She wore a Sunday best dress. I did nothing to entice her to so and was a bit astonished at what was happening. She was about 3 years younger than me. I proceeded to do what comes naturally, and lifted her dress to view her panties in all their glory. I slipped them down, over her precious bottom, to the point where I could discern her cute pussy peeking from between her thighs.


The perfect submissive position.


The act of this girl crawling onto my lap was purely instinctual. Again and again throughout my life, I have been witness to this act of submission; sublime and sexual and absolutely wired into the submissive’s brain. How it has occurred I don’t know, and I think that there may be some women for whom the act of submission is completely alien to their psychological makeup.


Security and Permission


Submission has several desirable qualities. To submit is to be secure. To submit is to receive permission. The Dominant becomes responsible for the submissive. By surrendering control to the Dominant, the submissive is granted the freedom to feel pleasure or pain without being responsible for its occurrence. By being a good girl or bad girl, one is rewarded without guilt or responsibility of one’s needs. Submission is the surrendering of power usually by an otherwise strong and firm woman. Submission should not be construed to be subservience. A subservient woman is rarely strong, and therefore rarely submits. It is the act of submission and surrender that clearly defines the submissive.


Dominance and Responsibilities


Dominance is as natural as submission. Dominace has several desirable qualities. To Dominate is to control. To Dominate is to be responsible. Without control and responsibility, a submissive is usually unable to feel secure and therefore free. Thus, trust becomes a serious component to the relationship. Without trust, most submissives I have found, are unable to extend themselves ever deeper into this realm of surrender and its accompaning pleasure and pain. (I should note that on several occasions I have participated in scenarios of peril, wherein the submissive experiences a very real sense of danger. In my experience, that “spell of danger” can only be sustained if the submissive doesn’t ultimately feel abandoned; that is, at that point where the spell is broken and sheer panic overwhelms the submissive. When rescued, she may feel relief (and anger), but such relief appears to be without sexual undertones or gratitude.)


Ownership and slavery


To be continued.