The New Play Festival

The New Play Festival was held June 1 2019 at the Clark Center Studio Theater on the Arroyo Grande High School campus. This was the nineteenth year that STOLEN FIRE has supported the New Play Festival by giving cash awards ($200, $125, $75) and engraving the students' names on a perpetual plaque. This year the judges were Sharon Woodside (Playwright), Katherine Blauvelt, and Dwain Edwards (STOLEN FIRE). And the winners were:

1st Place: Colin Toohey - Goodbye

2rd Place: Mia Landers - Proper Proposal

3rd Place: Christine Ha - Isabella




And thank you to the other playwrights:

Blythe Lloyd - Monsters in my Closet

Alexis Hurtado - The Obvious Choice

Izzy Pedego - Two Weeks and Counting

Jade McClintock - Curtain Warmers

Jordan Bates - Those Are Pearls That Were It's Eyes

Aiden Wolstenholm - The Duel


Eric Dion Zsadanyi (1967-2018)

Last update September 23 2019