I saw a play the other week (plays are nothing to films, nothing. Theater is dead but sometimes I like to go and watch the corpse decompose)..."

from Stephen Fry's novel, "Making History"






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The Life of the Theater

Gary North & Yvonne Duran


Call for Scripts

As of today, October 7, 2006, Stolen Fire is once again seeking scripts for production.

Please note: Stolen Fire has been inundated with scripts. Every one is read, but this is taking more time than originally planned.

"It is our firm belief that given the right circumstances, time, place, social and political climate, nearly any well written script has commercial potential; however, scripts not specifically written for pure entertainment value generally have a more difficult time being produced, which ultimately denies the playwright the opportunity of having his/her work produced and the discerning public the opportunity of experiencing new and challenging works."

Stolen Fire's goal is to bring to the stage these new works.

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"The purpose of art is to create an emotional response in the person that is exposed to that art. And there are three categories of art; bad art, good art and great art. Bad art will elicit no emotional response in the person that is exposed to it, i.e.; a song you hear in an elevator and it does nothing to you, a picture on a wall that gives you the same emotional response as if the wall had been blank, a movie that chews up time. Good art will make you feel an emotion that you have felt before; you see a picture of a forest and you remember the last time you went fishing with your dad, you hear a song about love and you remember the last time you were in love. Great art will make you feel an emotion you have never felt before; seeing the pieta, the world famous sculpture by Michelangelo, can cause someone to feel the pain of losing a child even if they've never had one."


Paul O'Neil, heavy metal producer

Paintings by Dwain Zsadanyi



INFORMATION on how to submit

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The Stolen Fire server crashed and all scripts that were received from February 2008 to June 2009 have been lost. Every effort to recover the scripts has failed. If you think that your script falls in this time period and would like to submit it again, please do so. Please remember to include the word "script" in the subject line or your email will be filtered to trash.


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