Stolen Fire announces a Competition for the award of three prizes for the composition and presentation of an original theatrical play under the following terms and conditions :


1. Award date:


The Prizes will be awarded on June 7, 2010.


2. Amount of Prizes:


The amount of the Prizes to be awarded, are as follows:


1st Prize:$ 200 (Two Hundred)

2nd Prize:$ 125 (One Hundred Twenty Five)

3rd Prize:$ 75 (Seventy Five)


3. Time for the submission of the plays :


No later than May 10, 2010.


4. Place for the submission of the plays :


Scripts are to be given to Mr. Houck who will then pass them on to the Stolen Fire representative.


5. Modalities for the submission of the plays :

The plays should be typed. All plays must mention the full name of the author. All plays must be scheduled for performance in conjunction with THE NEW PLAY FESTIVAL.


NOTE: It is understood that during the rehearsal process, changes to the script may occur through the creative collaboration of playwright, director, designers, actors. The version presented at the actual performance shall be considered the final version.


6. Time for the presentation of the plays :


June 7, 2010, during the NEW PLAY FESTIVAL


7. Place for the presentation of the plays :


The Clark Center

Arroyo Grande High School,

Arroyo Grande, CA 93420


8. Form of plays :


Scripts may be dramas or comedies (or a mix of both). Characters may be of any age, gender, race. Presentation time may be of any length. All content is acceptable as long as it meets the following criteria.


9. Judging criteria:


a. The script must be previously unproduced in its current form.

b. The script must have a beginning, middle and end; no stream of consciousness, pantomime or silent happenings.

c. The script must have some conflict and resolution.

d. The script must ENGAGE the audience on an emotional, intellectual or spiritual level (preferably, all three).


10. Selection of the winning plays :


Designated representatives of Stolen Fire will select the winning plays.


11. Announcement of the Winners :


The winning plays shall be selected by the Stolen Fire representatives. The announcement of the winning plays shall not mention any rationale.