It is my intention to produce Gary Carden's new (hot off the presses) play, "Signs & Wonders". It will be coupled with another play that he has written entitled "The Bright Forever" The Life of Fannie Crosby.

The particulars:

The planned production is later in the year, late summer or fall.

The person who does the preliminary reading will be given "first dibs" on being cast for the roll.

What to do:

Download the script and mp3 file of the music. See how it works for you. If interested, send me an email. PLEASE INCLUDE THE WORD "SCRIPT" IN THE SUBJECT LINE, otherwise your email will be sent to trash. Tell me why you would be interested in doing this, your experience (but please note, no experience or minimal experience is fine), and days/times of your availability. Include a phone number. This should not consume a lot of your time and no memorization is necessary.

Regarding "The Bright Forever". This play requires a old woman that can pass for 80 and can sing. I will not be reading this script, but will cast the role in formal auditions later this year; however, I've included a pdf file of the script for download for anyone that would like a sneak preview.

Any questions, email me, but remember to include the word SCRIPT in the subject line.

Light, Love, Passion,



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