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I seem to have misplaced a cortina. Should you find it (or another), please place it between Un Vals De San Fernando and Tango D'Amor.


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01 Reflejo de Luna 4:05 Alacran The Tango Club Night Vol. 2

02 Tres Son Multitud 3:10 Narcotango Narcotango 2

03 Borges y Paragua 4:33 Bajofondo Mar Dulce (Bonus Track Version)

04 Cortina (Unsquare Dance) 0:49

05 La Quinta 4:11 The Mozart Tango Players Tango Hereje

06 Mozart Tango 3:19 The Mozart Tango Players Tango Hereje

07 Himno a la Alegria 3:22 The Mozart Tango Players Tango Hereje

08 Cortina Take Five 0:51

09 Impossible Love 3:48 Melody Gardot The Absence

10 Sacred Nature 3:22 Paul Cardall Faithful

11 Temptation 4:29 Diana Krall The Girl In The Other Room

12 Cortina (Unsquare Dance) 0:49

13 Androgyne 4:29 Quartango Compadres

14 Sin Palabras 2:03 Orquesta Beba Pugliese Pasión En Tango 2

15 Un Vals De San Fernando 2:45 Beata Söderberg Bailata

16 Cortina Take Five 0:51

17 Tango D'Amor 4:18 Tango Jointz

18 Tango de Amor 4:01 Magda Navarrette THE TANGO CLUB NIGHT Vol. 2

19 Tarrango 4:26 Anne Schnell, Club des Belugas

20 Cortina (Unsquare Dance) 0:49

21 Sweet Dreams 5:49 Tango Enrosque Histoire du Tango

22 Amor - Andrés Linetzky, Neotango 3:48 Andrés Linetzky, Neotango Pasión En Tango 3

23 Cortina Take Five 0:51

24 Dance Me to the End of Love 4:42 Leonard Cohen Various Positions

25 Hearts A Mess 4:41 Gotye Chillout Sessions 9 Ministry of Sound (CD Series)

26 T.W.T. (Tom Waits Tango) 2:46 Broken Dreams Broken Dreams

27 Cortina (Unsquare Dance) 0:49

28 Amor Que Se Baila (Version 2014) 3:04 Otros Aires Otros Aires 10 Years

29 El Porteñito 2:07 Otros Aires Otros Aires 4

30 Los Vino Movilo (Bonus) 2:40 Otros Aires Otros Aires 4

31 Cortina Take Five 0:51

32 Yo quería ser felíz 4:42 Pablo Agri Sexteto Cuadros Tangueros

33 Oblivion 4:29 Kantango Másidiomás

34 Cortina Take Five 0:51

35 Knowing This 2:56 Kye Kye Young Love

36 Rope Dancer 3:05 Geike For The Beauty Of Confusion

37 Private Dancer 4:02 Tina Turner

38 Cortina (Unsquare Dance) 0:49

39 Pa' Bailar** (Pa' Bailarte Mix by Omar) 4:51 Bajofondo Pa' Bailar - EP

40 De Hombre a Hombre 3:27 Gotan Project Tango 3.0 (Deluxe Version)

41 La Gloria 3:49 Gotan Project Tango 3.0 (Deluxe Version)

42 Cortina Take Five 0:51

43 Yesterday is Here 2:31 Tom Waits Frank's Wild Years

44 Aint No Sunshine When Shes Gone 2:05 Bill Withers

45 Lay Lady Lay 3:21 Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline

46 Cortina Take Five 0:51

47 Tango Barbaro 3:27 Lalo Schifrin Tango (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

48 Oelle Como Espiritu Adolescente (Smells Li... 4:26 Mandragora Tango Orchestra Let's Have Dinner And Go Dancing

49 Cortina James Bond Theme 0:41

50 Moonraker 3:09 Shirley Bassey

51 Diamonds Are Forever 2:42 Shirley Bassey

52 Goldfinger 2:49 Shirley Bassey

53 Cortina Take Five 0:51

54 Una Llamada (feat. Aldo Di Paolo) 4:16 Tanghetto Incidental Tango

55 Antonia (feat. Aldo Di Paolo) 4:10 Tanghetto Incidental Tango

56 Inmigrante (feat. Aldo Di Paolo) 4:19 Tanghetto Incidental Tango

57 Cortina (Unsquare Dance) 0:49

58 Turbine Womb 3:39 Soap & Skin Lovetune For Vacuum

59 Softly As I Leave You 2:43 We Five You Were On My Mind

60 Cortina (Unsquare Dance) 0:49

61 La Cumparsita 3:45 The Tango Group Amor Por el Tango

62 La Cumparsita (TangoChristSuperstar Akou... 6:08 Mandragora Tango Orchestra Let's Have Dinner And Go Dancing