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To stream, you may have to right click the link, and save the .m3u file to the desktop, then open it with your mp3 player. To download, you may have to right click, then save the zip file to the desktop.

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Angel 4:30 Sarah McLachlan City of Angels

Goodmorning Dear 4:20 Iloyd Alive

Cortina SoM 1 0:34

Shadowlands 5:31 Amethystium Emblem (Selected Pieces)

Amadas Estrellas 5:29 Achillea Amadas Estrellas

Cortina SoM 2 0:33

Congoja 4:59 Tango Lorca Mujer Sola

Timbaud Tango (edit) 4:35 Tango Immortale Lisboa

Cortina SoM 3 0:32

Stay 4:45 Sugarland Enjoy The Ride

Temptation 4:27 Diana Krall The Girl In The Other Room

Cortina SoM 4 0:31

Tangoscuro 2:18 Debayres Tango Debayres

Mas de lo mismo 4:57 Tanghetto & Others Hybrid Tango

Media Persona 3:49 Tanghetto El Miedo a la Libertad

Cortina SoM 5 0:31

Milonga Too 3:25 Jack Bruce More Jack Than God

Tango For One 6:42 Peter Hammill None Of The Above

Cortina SoM 6 0:33

Angels (edit) 10:49 John Bartelt Wild Heart (A Modern Ballet)

Cortina SoM 7 0:32

Traición 1:59 Sur

Vieja Espina 3:19 Sur

En la ciudad de la furia 4:18 Sur

Cortina SoM 8 0:34

All By Myself 4:57 Eric Carmen

King of Hearts 4:23 Procol Harum The Prodigal Stranger

Cortina SoM 9 0:34

Tzigane Tango (edit) 3:29 Tangos A Cuatro Tangos a Cuatro

Bonita (edit) 4:30 Luis Fiestas Messtizo

Larks Tongues In Aspic (edit 2:43 Edgardo Acuña Tango Marginal

Cortina SoM 10 0:32

Oblivion 3:31 Chances End The Outsider

Humedad (Humidity) 3:42 Tanghetto Tangophobia Vol. 1

La Muerte Del Prejuicio 4:08 Tanghetto Hybrid Tango

Cortina SoM 11 0:33

The Hour Before Dawn 3:39 Kila Luna Park

Nostalgia 3:43 Lemongrass Pour L`amour

ghosty 1:40

Cortina SoM 12 0:33

When We Dance 4:12 Sting Very Best of Sting and the Po

Shape Of My Heart 4:33 Sting The Summoner's Tales

Cortina SoM 13 0:35

Tangocrisis 3:53 Hybrid Tango Hybrid Tango

Tango Provocateur 3:38 B.A. Jam Tangophobia Vol. 1

Fugaz 3:50 Electronic Tango GroupTHE TANGO CLUB NIGHT Vol.2

Cortina SoM 14 0:31

Hey There Lonely Girl 3:37 Stylistics

Nights in white satin 4:27 The Moody Blues Songs in white satin

Cortina SoM 15 0:35

Sans Suite Partie 1 3:05 ARTango In Extremis

Sans Suite Partie 2 3:31 ARTango In Extremis

NP4 (edit) 2:51 Zum Inferno

Cortina SoM 16 0:41

Song To The Siren (Album Ver 3:29 Tim Buckley Starsailor

Hallelujah 6:53 Jeff Buckley Top 40 Singles Uk 18-01-09 (Cd 4)

La Cumparsita 3:10 Liliana Barrios La Cumparsita Single (Digital Only)