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We are looking for scripts that meet the following criteria:


(a) The script must be previously unproduced in its current form.

(b) The script must have a beginning, middle and end; no stream of consciousness.

(c) The script must have some conflict and resolution.

(d) The script must ENGAGE the audience on an emotional, intellectual or spiritual level

(preferably, all three).


Scripts may be dramas or comedies (or a mix of both). No melodramas (except for radio scripts). Characters may be of any age, gender, race. One, two or three act plays are acceptable. Running time for stage plays may range from 20 minutes to three hours, with one hour forty five minutes as optimal. Radio plays may run from 10 minutes to one hour. Serials are permitted. All content is considered. Controversy is not shunned. Quite the contrary, controversy is encouraged ; however, controversy without meeting the above criteria is not likely to be accepted. Genre pieces (e.g.. Thrillers, mysteries, fantasies, erotica) are not discouraged; again, as long as they meet the above criteria. For radio plays, genre pieces are quite acceptable.



- Smaller cast (2 - 6 characters) is preferred.

- Minimal sets are preferred and in our current venue almost required (however, we do have the opportunity to use a larger venue, if an extraordinary, excellent script requires it).

- Contemporary costumes are preferred.

Obviously, radio plays haven't the same restrictions.


Payment: Some payment is always set aside for the playwright (obviously, without his/her words there would be no play); however, we run on an extremely tight budget and therefore we can't ever pay what the script is worth. Generally, the pay scale is as follows:

- Fifty dollars for the first performance, with each succeeding performance paying thirty five dollars with a maximum payment of five hundred dollars for the run of the play. Usually, no more than 10 performances are scheduled per run. A video tape of the play is made for archival purposes. First performance rights are reserved by Stolen Fire unless waived prior to production.

- Ten dollars is paid for each radio performance and an audio tape is made for archival purposes. First performance rights are reserved by Stolen Fire unless waived prior to performance.

- Any and all payment specifics, production requirements and playwright's rights are negotiable and are clearly spelled out by contract before production begins.



This agreement, by and between YOUR NAME herein called Author and Dwain Edwards (also known as Dwain E. Zsadanyi), herein called Producer, is for the purpose of granting a license to Producer to perform Author's play, NAME OF PLAY.


It is understood by the parties that Author grants the right to Producer to stage not more than twenty live performances of said play during the calendar year 1996. Producer shall pay to Author the sum of FiveHundred Dollars ($500) for this license. Producer and Author agree that additional performances after ten may be given for an additional Royalty payment. Such Royalty payment shall be equal to the amount of ten per cent (10%) of gross box office sales or thirty-five dollars, whichever amount is larger for each performance thereof.


The parties agree that "First Production" rights shall attach to the play. Such "First Production" rights shall consist of one-half percent (1/2%) of all future earnings of NAME OF PLAY, whether in live performance, film television, video or audio recording.


Author grants to Producer permission to make one archival video copy of a live performance or rehearsal, provided that Author shall receive a copy thereof.


In the event of publication of NAME OF PLAY, Author agrees to credit as First Production the performances granted by this license, including the name of the Production Company, the names of its Producer, Director, Designers and Performers, given that such pertinent performance information shall be within the control of Author to insert.


The Producer agrees that the Author's intent shall be respected in production, and that no changes, interpolations or deletions in the written form of the play shall be made without Author's consent. Any changes deemed "discovered" by Producer or the production's Director, Actors or staff, whether incorporated or not in future published or unpublished editions of the play, shall become the property of Author.


This agreement is dated ________________________________________





_____________________________ _______________________________

Dwain Edwards YOUR NAME

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