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Stolen Fire will be producing John Lane's Good Breeding, at the Pewter Plough Playhouse in 2008. More information to follow.

The Clark Center Studio (www.clarkcenter.org)


Tech Theater Humor - Funny!


San Luis Obispo Little Theatre - Celebrating their 60th year of Community Theatre

Houselights Theater - Bringing live theatre to Morro Bay!

Pewter Plough Playhouse - The Jewel Box of Community Theatres

Santa Maria Civic Theater - Founded in 1959 as the first organization in Santa Maria to provide continuous live theatre performances.

The Brickyard Theatre - Atascadero's Best Kept Secret!



"I saw a play the other week (plays are nothing to films, nothing. Theater is dead but sometimes I like to go and watch the corpse decompose)..."

from Stephen Fry's novel, "Making History"



What Makes Sanctum Different — and Necessary

The Issue: Theatre people regularly intone, “The Theatre is Dead,” with a knowing wink. Like all humorous clichés, it contains truth. But with between 15-25 productions opening a week across the United States, how can it be said that theatre is dead?

First, let’s look at what’s currently onstage

Science Project

This is a request for money.

Some people say: "Theater is dead." I agree. I think that, if we crawl into the coffin of theater, we will find a quiet cobwebby space where something can happen, where - against all odds - a real experience can ignite. {This link is dead, although the Science Project is not.}


A conspiracy of shadows

a manifesto for a theatre beyond cultural subsistence

Even blood leaves a shadow. As does the false smile learned by countless cultural managers and manipulators.

SHADOW HOUSE PITS will not be a vehicle for affirming cultural orthodoxy. Rather it seeks to challenge accepted cultural and social stereotypes.

Tower Of Babel

In the age of tell-it-like-it-is journalism (Rush Limbaugh, moderator) an admission. It's all true; American Theatre IS dead. Let's admit this and get it out of the way now.

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